Friday, 3 May 2013

The ticking of time - a mail art project

Hello guys and gals,

So not too long ago I was tempted into yet another mail art project and this time the theme was... well, it was actually Time.

Time themed envelope - front

For this one I kept it simple and broke out my stamps, inks and watercolour pencils. A little bit of decorative tape along some graph paper makes up the address label.

Time themed envelope - back

The back is done in pretty much the same way, except that it's all stamped and watercoloured. I love this decorative frame stamp and have made a mental note to make use of it more often.

A collection of time theme notecards and matching envelopes

We had to include a little gift inside the envelope, so opted to make a set of blank notecards and matching envelopes for my partner. I used the same elements (stamping, watercolour), but had to add this gold gel medium to round it all off. It fit perfectly.

I've had the time stamps for quite a while and was happy to break them out for such a great swap.

Time to say goodbye ;)


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