Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mail art challenges

Hello everyone,

I am in love with mail art at the moment and when some challenges rolled around on Swap Bot I was intrigued to say the least.

For the first challenge, we had to create a decorated envelope with the following things on them: an animal, something blue, something with stripes, some type of text and deco / washi tape.  Here is how I fulfilled the criteria:

- The bird is an animal. So is the butterfly ;)
- Something blue is the airmail sticker and I sprayed the envelope with blue spray ink
- The striped washi is the something with stripes
- I used an alphabet washi tape to be the type of text
- The green graph washi is the extra washi tape

Mail art envelope - front (address blurred)

Mail art envelope back

For the second challenge the list was a little complicated. Here's the list:
* A rodent or similar sized critter
* A ticket or ticket stub (travel, concert, sporting event, or any other ticket)
* A candy wrapper or piece of a candy wrapper
* A game piece or playing card (includes monopoly cards/money, yahtzee papers, bingo cards, etc)
* Something round
* Something yellow
* A rubber stamped image or design ( can be in ink or paint )
* Something cut from a magazine
* 3 of the same thing

I decided to just go for it and let loose. I dove into my junk journal stuff and went for it. Very little planning, a whole lot of glue and this is the result.

Mail art envelope - back

Mail art envelope - front

Isn't that so much better than receiving a bill? ;)


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Mar Awesome envelope! sherryg221