Monday, 13 May 2013

A spoonful of sugar - altered spoon project

Hiya peeps,

So as you might have noticed, I have been on an altering art kick lately. This time around I decided to see what I can make with a spoon.

I went to a charity store and found a decorative spoon. You know the kind that you buy as a tourist keepsake? Charity shops are full of those. It's a great base to use as you already have some textures to work with.

I thought it would be an interesting challenge to stick to a limited colour palette. I decided to stick to whites, creams, tans , soft ice cream colours etc. I aged the spoon with acrylic paints and distress ink.

Altered spoon

For the base I used some findings to create a collection of vintage-inspired items. From top to bottom there is an old fountain pen nib, wood veneer bird, some craft gems, a key charm, a leaf charm, a faux pearl bead and a metal "home" panel. This is all glued onto a lace bow.

Altered spoon - close-up of base

For the top I wanted to keep it more simple to showcase the decorative handle and elements the spoon had already. I cut half a flower diecut out and used it as a backdrop for a tiny bow and button (underneath the green gem).

Altered spoon - close-up of the top

Here's the spoon from another angle. This one shows off the colours a little better.

Altered spoon - alternative angle

Off course I believe that a beautiful piece needs a beautiful container. I took an old reading glasses tin and painted it in the same colours as the spoon. Some lace, ribbon, gems, buttons, flower diecut and a metal offcut rounded it off nicely.

Altered spoon container

This was a great project and I have two more spoons calling for some altering fun.

Happy Monday

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