Monday, 6 May 2013

Close enough...

Hello lovelies,

So if you are into paper and crafting, you have come across scrapbooking or journalling in some form or another.

I have tried both ad neither really stuck, but I do love the idea of putting elements together on a page and just playing with textures / colours etc.

For this little play-session in my craft room, I had a bunch of bits and pieces that I really loved, but didn't really know what to do with, so I just did a few pages of randomness.

Mixed media page with pockets

I created two pockets on the page. The one was from some pretty packaging (it was a stamp set if I can remember correctly) and I simply just put red washi tape along the edges to secure it to the page. The other was made with an old calendar page from a small diary with a frame stuck over it. The frame has cellophane in it to serve as a window.


I made these tags to put into the pockets. I love how the colours correspond to the page.

Mixed media page with old letter as pocket

Here is another page I made with random pretty things. I found this old letter in a secondhand bookshop and just love how pretty it is. The bird at the top of the page is also a tag that is tucked into a cellophane-window pocket.

Mixed media page - highlighting the pockets

Here you can clearly see the letter pocket as it is flipped open and the bird tag removed from it's pocket.
Page insert with pocket

The thing I love about crafting is that there really is very few hard and fast rules. Here is a bit of graph paper that I turned into a small page between pages. It has a pocket and some pretties, but truly, it's just a piece of paper secured with some washi tape to the previous page. A great way to add more oomph to a little experimental craft book.

Tag with tinsel

I got some really pretty tinsel lying around and I was looking for something unique to do with it. I made this tag by punching a circle in heavy cardstock and then placing cellophane over it. I inserted the tinsel in between and used decorative staples to secure everything together.

Page insert - other side

So to make the graph paper page more study, I pasted some scrapbooking paper to the back. I wanted a space to write tiny little notes, so I used tags and just used washi tape to stick them down. The washi tape also serves as the fold to fold them over with.

So if you have a few treasured paper bits lying around that you are not sure what to do with, why not put them together in a book? Give yourself permission to play around and you might just surprise yourself.

Have fun :)

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