Friday, 10 May 2013

Carding around

Hello, hi, howzit,

I try and make as many handmade cards as I can to give away for different occasions. Not that I think store-bought is bad or anything - there is a place for everything in this life - but it does keep me on my toes and gives me a creative outlet.

So here is a showcase of some cards I made recently. I do not sit down and have a clear idea of what I want to make. I do a rough sketch and give myself a bit of playroom. I find that takes some stress away for me and I can truly fiddle to see if the card works or not. I do not have the energy to follow 'card recipes'.

Oh so happy today card

This card I made for someone as a combination birthday and thank you card. She was quite generous to our household recently and it just so happen to be her birthday close to the day of her generosity.

I love how the stamped background gets muted out by the velum. This gives space for the bright colours of the sentiment really stand out.

Oh happy day card

This was a congratulations card. The floral prints really stood up well against the watercolour background. I love the little cluster of gems in the corner.

Make a big wish card

This  was a card for a friend who was facing the big 30. I tried to give the suggestion of a cake ad love how Stickles made the flame of the candle really come to life. Jip, that is sequin kids. It's one if the big trends in card making at the moment and I love them.

Congrats card

Okay, so I think this one is pretty obvious. It was a card for a new baby boy that dear friends of ours were blessed with. It was my first attempt at a shaker card and I can tell you it had a steep learning curve - hahaha. Do not go fancy on your first try...

I hope these inspired you to make some cards of your own.


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