Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A bunch of fun - altered key experiment

Hello everyone,

So 2013 is my year to explore crafting beyond the norms of paper. I have been seeing some fantastic things on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a go. Here are the results of the experiment.

For the motivation and the fun of sharing art, I participated in a swap for an altered key. It had to be a standard sized key and you could basically decorate it any way you want to.

Sparkly altered key

I had an old necklace with a pretty big decorative key on it that kept on getting in the way, so it was taking up space in my jewellery box. This project was a great way of making it useful again.

I painted the base with metallic craft paints, distressed it and then assembled old jewellery titbits around it. I added craft gems to round off the piece.

Bright sparkly key

Overexposure in photos is a killer. I'm still getting used to this "taking photos for the blog" business, so please excuse the eye-assault. At least you get to really see the diamante pieces now ;)

Altered key - details

Here is a close up of the tail pendanty bits. It was incredibly fiddly to work with that chain as the links were super tiny, but with effort, patience and loads of "counting to 10" it all came together nicely.

I had so much fun making the first key that I went sniffing around for another one to attack alter. I had recently finished a book based on nautical themes and oceans and such. Off course playing in my favourite colours was a blast as well.

Altered oceanic key

Once again I had a necklace that fell short of being practical. I love the colours and finishes on it though, so it became the main focus of the piece.

I played with paints and had this great charm of fish that I de-assembled and used to bring out the nautical theme more.

Altered key - detail shot

Here is a close up of the gems around the opening of the key. the little gold fish is on the left hand side swimming towards you. The bigger school of fish is on the head of the key at the back.

Altered key - shiny shot

I'm not sure how this photo effect happened, but I love how shimmery the sequins are in this shot. Quite dreamy.

 So there you have it. Trying new things aren't all that bad after all :)


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