Friday, 11 January 2013

The start of a great adventure

So as most people that hover in my universe will tell you, I've been screwing around with the idea of a  blog for a long time. Then I got skerrid and left it on the to do list for yonks. This year I am kicking myself in the nether and getting to it.

So to start with lemme show you what I do in my craft room.

ATC's (2.5"x3.5" canvasses dressed up as you wish):

Little birdies building a nest

Do what comes natural to you
A little darkness never hurt anyone
Clean and simple nature collage

Using a postal stamp in a creative way

Fairy concert - by invite only

Mailart ATC

This one has a little book on it - that pages!

This one was made using only stamps

Two ATC's making a bigger artpiece
Then there is journalling:

A page from a cookbook

Another page from a cookbook

Mailart journal

More mailart journalling

Art journal
Did someone say inchies? (I mount mine on ATC backgrounds to keep them grouped together)

Halloween inchies

Asia inspired inchies

Birdie inchies

Christmas inchies

Celebration inchies

Some more Halloween inchies

Blue inchies

Just having some fun
Then there's all the other things off course:

Mixed Media backgrounds


Crotchet cuffs

Monsieur Octo

Feltie flower

Some feltie ornaments

Carved rubber stamp

So as you can see, I am not new to experimenting. I would love to share some techniques, stash hauls and general fun stuff with you.

Let's get messy together ;)


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