Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Swap Bot fun

So to push my arty ways and have mailbox love from all over the world, I have fun on a swapping site called Swap Bot.

It's an American based site, but it has quite a strong international following. If you are into exchanging things with people from over the oceans, come have a look :)

So here is what I have done for some swaps recently:

Black&White Valentine ATC

I love playing with darker themes every now and then, so this was an instant draw. It's pretty tough not to associate this theme with old black and white movie, so I wanted to force myself to think outside the box. I went for a little grunge and dark Alice-in-Wonderland-y angle.

Blue ATC

This one was a pretty simple swap. We just had to make an ATC where blue was the main feature colour. Easy peasy. Valentine's day is on my mind, so why not make something a little more lovey dovey? 

Black ATC

Same as the above swap in that we had to make an ATC with one colour as the main focus. This time is was black who had to take centre stage. Off course I couldn't resist going a little spooky ;)

Love-themed bookmark:

This swap celebrated two of my favourite things: love and reading. Resistance was futile off course. Love can be a little grungy right? So that's what I went with for this swap.


I do love playing wth tags in my craftroom and this swap was the perfect excuse. I thought I'd mix it up a bit and instead of going the usual vertical tag, I went oh so horizontal. 

Spruced up envelopes:

This is not so much a swap as a little something to make the swapping experience more special for my partner. I dress up the envies I send the swap in. I tend to forget to take pics of them, but here are some I caught before they went on their journeys. Maybe blogging will help with that? Hopefully.

HINT: I tend to make a bunch of envies in a big batch. Then they are ready whenever I need them. I take it on as a seperate project. Or just keep some envies lying around and as you craft, use them as the 'clean up' paper. You'll be surprised how quickly they come alive :)

Took the photo after I added the address, so blurred that out.

That's it for now gang.


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